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About Us

We are an Employment Equity consulting and service organisation providing immediate employment equity implementation and compliance services to Organisations that are in the process of being subpoenaed, reviewed, audited, prosecuted, or have received a Labour Court injunction or Compliance order. 

We operate from Gauteng, offering our services to organisations throughout South Africa. 

For many organisations, it seems very daunting, especially when the Government keeps changing the regulations and compliance goals to compromise for their own incompetency in performing their duties and responsibilities. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, you can email us or post them in the comments, we read all the comments, and we answer all the questions that we get. Also, if we see a question coming up more than once or there's really a need for something to be explained, we'll sit down and make a video about it, do a podcast, send it out, and let you know.

If your organisation is experiencing any employment equity challenges, received a compliance order or has been subpoenaed. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Stephan du Toit.

Senior Advisor.

For more in-depth information on compliance and employment equity implementation, feel free to visit our other resources and platforms.




Template Policies & Procedures.


Recruitment framework. (Advertising and head-hunting, Job application, Short-listing, Reference checking, Interview Questions, Suitability and assessment, Making Job-offer, Record keeping.)

Prevention and elimination of harassment and unfair discrimination policy and procedure(Grievance policy procedure, definitions of all types of harassment, template forms to lodge, notify, perform hearings, appeal and monitor instances, Emergency procedures, counselling for trauma, rape and murder in the workplace.)



Leadership and management principles summary.

Staff buy-in with gamification.


Library & resources


For your convenience, here are more Employment Equity resources.


EEA6 Compliance order

EEA7 Review Assessments,

EEA5 - Dept Labour Written Undertaking.

EEA12 & EEA13 Employment Equity Plan

The Codes of Good Practice, on HIV, Remuneration, Disability...

The Employment Equity Act, Regulations, Amendment...

EEA2, EEA4, EEA5, EEA6, EEA7, EEA10, EEA13...

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How to select employment equity committee members?

Selecting members for an Employment Equity Committee is crucial in promoting employment equity within an organisation. The committee plays a key role in implementing and monitoring the organisation's Employment Equity Plan. In South Africa, the Employment Equity Act provides guidance on the selection of committee members. Here are some key steps that our hypothetical company ACME might follow: Representation: The committee should be representative of the employees of the company. This means that it should include members from various job grades, occupational categories, departments, and designated groups. Nomination and Election: Employees should be able to nominate and elect the committee members. This process should be transparent and democratic. Training: Once elected, committee members should receive training to equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively fulfil their roles. This could include training on the Employment Equity Act's provisions, the commit

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What is Employment Equity? In the intricate realm of organisational structure, the term "employment equity" often echoes, sparking queries and discussions among corporate echelons and training committees. Employment Equity Unveiled: At its core, employment equity encapsulates an array of governmental guidelines, legal instruments, and strategies to engineer a homogeneous private sector. This metamorphosis champions the cause of organisational transformation and diversity, echoing the nation's demographic fabric. The prime objective of this orchestration is to champion the cause of equal opportunities, instil fairness, and dispel any shadows of discrimination in the corporate labyrinth. Historical Roots: To fully comprehend the concept of employment equity, we must delve into its genesis and evolution. Tracing its roots back to 1863 in the USA, during the reconstruction period, this concept has its imprint on the sands of time. Lenin's confidante and aide, Inessa Arman

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Employment equity involves a range of strategies and initiatives designed to promote diversity, prevent discrimination, and ensure the equitable representation of designated groups in the workplace. Let us use our hypothetical company ACME. Here are a few examples of what employment equity might look like in practice : Recruitment: ACME might implement targeted recruitment strategies to attract candidates from designated groups. This could involve advertising job vacancies in media outlets that reach these groups or partner with organisations that work with these communities. Selection: ACME could ensure that its selection processes are fair and unbiased. This might involve training hiring managers on unconscious bias or implementing a standardised interview process to ensure all candidates are assessed on the same criteria. Development: ACME might implement mentorship or development programs specifically for employees from designated groups. These programs could provide these employee