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Employment Equity Amendment conundrum?

According to the politicians, it will change and stay the same; it makes no sense whatsoever. In this article, I explore the new changes and how they will be implemented by the Department of Employment and Labour ("DeL"). As always, I'm brutally honest and call a spade a spade in the new Employment Equity Act 2.0. Who must report! According to the DeL, all companies must comply with the terms of the Employment Equity Act. As per the old Act, Employers are split between designated more than 49 employees and non-designate employers, less than 49 employees. In terms of EEA 2.0, designated employers must report annually. Non-designated employers do not have to report but must still comply with the Act to receive a compliance certificate. The compliance of both revolves around minimum wage, harassment, discrimination and their industries, race, and gender targets. DeL refers to this as sector numerical targets and transformation targets; it's just a polished, politically c